We believe as a physician directed family medicine practice that we are obligated to provide compassionate, high quality healthcare. The care is based on a continuous relationship that recognizes the individual needs of patients and their values.

We believe in partnering with the patient while making health care decisions. The sharing of information and knowledge should be free flowing and evidence based medical decision making, this should be the foundation of its care.

We believe in a team approach in providing for all our patient’s health care needs in taking responsibility in arranging care with other qualified professionals. This care includes acute and chronic care, preventative care, and end of life care.

We believe informative technology should be utilized in the most efficient and effective manner to enhance communication and provide education to the patient and to support optimal patient care.

We believe in delivering healthcare in a cost efficient manner. We will work with patients to help keep healthcare costs down. We recognize and encourage patients to take greater responsibility of their own health. The patient should actively participate in the management of their own health.

We believe in the importance of continually improving our professional knowledge. We pledge our commitment to continually educate ourselves in the delivery of medicine.

Finally, we value the professional and personal satisfaction that the clerical and clinical staff of Saratoga Family Practice derive from satisfying and exceeding expectations of our patients.